A Piece of Equipment That Every Photographer Needs To Get in 2017

I was contacted by a friend who wanted to share a photography product with me that he was connected to. He sent me a link and a photo of product made by R.D.M. Of course, my investigative side kicked it and I went online to do further research. Upon my research I was highly impressed with the product, the fundamental use of the product, and the future of this product.

After researching the product my friend connected me with Domenic Aluise (CEO of who sent the product to me with a handwritten note (this personal touch meant a lot to me).

screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-8-24-58-pm*Video: Attaching

Once I received the product I immediately attached it to my Sigma 70-20 mm 2.8 lens; my favorite lenses to shoot with. I was able to apply with ease, and I noticed the difference in my gripping right away; this was before taking it out to a real shoot.

I used the ring for a surprise proposal at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida Magic Kingdom Park. I have great muscle memory with the Sigma 70-20 mm 2.8 lens, but this shoot was different and it came in handy. I was able to zoom in faster and grab my shots a lot faster than normal. Here’s one shot from the surprise proposal at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida Magic Kingdom Park.

R.D.M. created an amazing product for photographer’s and cinematographer’s called is made of an extremely soft elastomer that makes camera adjustments easier and fumbling for your focus a thing of the past. also protects your lens which increases the longevity of the lens condition. It helps to keep the debris out of the grips, which also helps to keep  your lens in great condition.


  • Durable.
  • Easy to attach.
  • Protects the lens rings.
  • Quicker zoom and focusing. has also been featured in the ENTREPRENEUR and recently opened it’s warehouse in Gainesville, Florida. Watch R.D.M.’s engaging video; then purchase a for your favorite camera lens or all of them!:


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